bookmark_border7 Simple Painting Ideas For Kids At Home

We love painting, so do the kids. This COVID problem has locked us inside our homes and made this time most boring especially for kids. They can’t go out and play as they love to do. 

I am always amazed how people are happy with their new normal work from home office. Initially, it wasn’t so cool for me while working from home when kids are at home too. They were all playing around with all their noisy toys, their fights and shouts made me frustrated. My productivity was declining all of a sudden. This was a terrible problem for me.

I had to find a quick solution. And the solution was to make them engage as much as possible but towards creativity. 

Few of the solutions to keep your kids engaged in creative learning are as below

  1. Painting
  2. Creative Mobile Games
  3. Nice Story Books (With colored pictures)
  4. Creative TV programs instead of only cartoons
  5. Crafts design
  6. AR/VR for Kids
  7. Indoor Sports for Kids

I will elaborate on the best examples of all the above activities in my regular posts. 

Simple Painting Ideas

One of the easiest ways to make our kids busy is to make them learn how to paint. Painting makes our brains active and gives peace to mind. Playing with the combination of colors acts as a mentor to learn creativity. This is a perfect exercise of learning to design, code, manage, deliver and focus. 

How to engage your kids in painting

If you have not provided all the required tools for painting like acrylic colors, painting brushes, paint boards, etc, order from Amazon or other online stores and provide them some assignments to work on. What type of assignments should make them super engage in their creativity? 

Here is the list.

1.Simple Clouds and Trees Painting

This is the easiest thing to draw on paper which is good enough to motivate them to draw more as per their own imagination. Ask them to draw some specific trees which differ from normal design like a Mango tree or an apple tree. 

2.Simple Animals painting

Kids just love animals and if you have a pet, it will be much more encouraging to draw your own pet.

Drawing a Cat or a Dog is easy and interesting as we can feel their emotions, their playing around us, their food, and their special way of expressing love.

3. Simple Home painting

Drawing my dream home is my favorite. This is the most drawn subject in any kids drawing competition. A home with some trees and a river around likewise other imagination.

4. Simple Birds Painting

Drawing a bird is cool too. The simplest and attractive one is to draw a pigeon. 

5. Simple Cars Painting

This is amazing to let kids draw their own car or their favorite car model like Tesla’s cyber truck or a monster truck.

6. Simple Stars and Moon painting

Kids surely know twinkle twinkle little stars and would love to draw it on paper. 

7. Simple Cartoon painting

Mickey Mouse is favorite among millennials but this generation has got so many cartoon characters to choose from. Start with the simplest among them.

Keep your kids in clean creativity arts and make them learn how to activate their own imagination. Please subscribe for more valuable posts.